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"Best Dentist Around"
Due to a lifelong weak tooth enamel condition I have been in a number of
dentist chairs... read more
 Certified Patient Review
Demand Force

"If you hate going to the dentist then fear no more! Dr.DesMarteau makes all the scary stuff dissipate in an altogether calming aura of bliss while giving your teeth the star treatment. The dentist for the Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors gives you DVDs and CDs to choose so you will never have to listen to the grating thrum of the drill again"... More

-Jill D.
El Cerrito, CA

"Have being going to Dr. D for about 14 years. He is an AWESOME dentist. I
have gone to him for my twice yearly cleanings, filings and even to have my wisdom teeth pulled (he doesn't do this in house anymore)"
... More

Krystal S.
Oakland, CA

All of our highly trained staff members attend continuing education seminars in order to provide you with the latest, most innovative techniques and procedures in general and cosmetic dentistry.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have about our practice. Your comfort and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.

A Comfortable Environment
Our newly constructed office was designed to give you a comfortable and relaxing place to receive dental care. Our professional and courteous staff is dedicated to making your visits pleasant and stress free. In addition all treatment rooms are furnished with a television for your enjoyment.

Computerized Dentistry
Our entire office is centered around our computers. Our secure database keeps all of your x-rays, images and treatment history organized and at our fingertips. Dental information is easily managed, and allows us to serve you more efficiently every step of the way.

Intraoral Camera
Ever wonder what's happening in your mouth? With the aid of intraoral cameras, you can see exactly what the dentist sees. The smallest details can be easily seen and illustrated. The images are an effective educational tool to aid in your understanding of our treatment recommendations.

Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays are just one of the many new technologies we use in our office. We no longer have to rely on film and harsh chemicals to fully examine your teeth. Digital images can be adjusted to maximize our diagnostic capabilities and minimize harmful exposure to radiation.

Soft Tissue Laser
Another unique aspect of our office is the ability to use the laser to treat soft tissue problems. The laser uses the power of light to vaporize oral soft tissues with UNMATCHED PRECISION. Just a few procedures that can benefit from the laser include: Gingivectomy, Biopsy, Crown Lenghtening, Frenectomy, and Implant Exposure.

Infection Control, Sterilization Protocol
Because your safety is important to us, we guarantee that our office meets or exceeds all government and OSHA-required standards for sterilization. All of our instruments and hand pieces are sterilized in hospital grade autoclaves. Gloves and dental masks are worn by all dental staff and changed before the next patient is seen. We use as many disposable items as possible. All work surface areas, chairs and lights are disinfected after patient use.
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