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"Best Dentist Around"
Due to a lifelong weak tooth enamel condition I have been in a number of
dentist chairs... read more
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Demand Force
State-of-the-Art materials and techniques have revolutionized our approach to restorative treatment. Whether it's a
crown or a filling we are no longer limited metals... More
In addition to
his love for teaching and practicing cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Yerondopoulos is highly involved as a leader in sports dentistry. Some of his patients include the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors. FREE OFFER! Complimentary custom mouthguards for local student athletes... Learn more!
  Dr. Yerondopolos is committed to giving each and every patient the individual attention he or she deserves. Our office philosophy is:

"The patient's comfort comes first"

Each and every staff member is committed to giving you the very best service possible.

Take some time to look around our web site. If you want to get to know our staff a bit better,
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Let us know if there is any way we can improve our service to you.

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" If you hate going to the dentist then fear no more! Dr.DesMarteau makes all the scary stuff dissipate in an altogether calming aura of bliss while giving your teeth the star treatment. The dentist for the Oakland Raiders and Golden State Warriors gives you DVDs and CDs to choose so you will never have to listen to the grating thrum of the drill again. His appointments are on time and his staff are solicitous without being annoyingly perky. Prices are a bit higher than your average dentist and he isn't the "preferred provider" for any dental insurance although your insurance will cover a portion of your visit. Best of all, you will be in and out without having to be
in agony."

Jill D.
El Cerrito, CA

"I have being going to Dr. D for about 14 years. He is an AWESOME dentist. I have gone to him for my twice yearly cleanings, filings and even to have my wisdom teeth pulled (he doesn't do this in house anymore). They are always so nice and they always call you by name when you walk in. Each examination room has a TV (on the ceiling so you can watch while you are laying down) with headphones. They also make your appointments right there!. I could go on and on but let's just say, I highly recommend this dentist. You never have to worry when you are there!"

Krystal S.
Oakland, CA
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